About the Artist

Sophia grew up with a love of books and art and always felt the need to make stories of her own. She drew characters and worlds from her stories from a young age. Once grown, this naturally led to an interest in illustration and comics.

Her first illustration job was in the fourth grade when the school librarian asked her to illustrate several scenes from Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie. She was paid in books, a most agreeable transaction for a young bookworm.

At the time it never occurred to her that you could do the same thing for a job, despite the children’s author/illustrators visiting her school every year. Instead, she wished on a fallen star (brought by one of those illustrators) to be a teacher.

Years later, the realization that drawing could be a job finally dawned on her and she resolved to open her own studio. She went to college, paying her way with graphic design work, had the great privilege of interning with author, illustrator, and film maker William Joyce and working on the award winning short film the Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, and finally graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from Centenary College of Louisiana.

Today, she is living all of her dreams at once with the opening of her Little Brick Studio in Grand Cane, LA where she teaches and is working on personal fine art, illustration and comics projects in dry and digital media as well as developing an illustration career.  Sophia is also the Talented Art teacher for North Desoto and Logansport public schools where she teaches talented young artists in grades 2nd – 12th.

It is her mission to bring to life fantastic worlds, characters, and stories through her work across all media.

With her teaching she hopes to introduce young folks to fun and deeply rewarding real art techniques and materials from easy to advanced skill levels while also fostering a positive, fearless attitude towards one’s own abilities and work. She believes that failure is simply learning and should be approached with an interest in improving oneself rather than fear. She also believes, after years of struggle and improvement and observing other artists, that artistic talent is skill and therefore something that can be learned.

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